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by Smegmatr0n
20 Aug 2015, 19:11
Forum: Ask the Devs
Topic: Playable 233?
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Re: Playable 233?

Perhaps once you get prison island kosher in unreal 4, you could release the update to your unity demo so people can see firsthand how its progressing and what to expect from the final product....and if their system can handle it.
by Smegmatr0n
08 Aug 2015, 12:59
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Demo Review
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Re: Demo Review

Very detailed review, thanks! I'd like to add one more thing to it that I hope is the main goal of this project. There's a phenomenon that happens when you play old games again, where your brain doesn't remember what a mess of pixellated garbage stuff from the 90's looked. This happened when I dug m...
by Smegmatr0n
03 Jun 2015, 12:11
Forum: Ask the Devs
Topic: DX 12
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DX 12

Hello all, I've been lurking on here and the main page for several years, keep up the good work! Anyways, just saw the post with the tramcar on the main page, and it got me thinking about the massive increase in draw calls in dx12 (not the same as polygon count I know). Since you guys are going with...

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