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DX 12

Posted: 03 Jun 2015, 12:11
by Smegmatr0n
Hello all,
I've been lurking on here and the main page for several years, keep up the good work!

Anyways, just saw the post with the tramcar on the main page, and it got me thinking about the massive increase in draw calls in dx12 (not the same as polygon count I know). Since you guys are going with Unreal4, will you also be trying to tap into dx12? Maybe populate the world with even more things (huge swarms of fish, pods of wharks trying to attack the trams as you go past?) that cyan would have done had they had access to the current level of tech. They also just announced some new liquid effects, maybe that could help you tackle the morphing water in Riven, which surely must be drving you all bonkers!

Anyways, all these models look miraculous!


Re: DX 12

Posted: 05 Jun 2015, 20:47
by philip
pods of wharks trying to attack the trams as you go past

Hahaha, we all had a good chuckle at the thought of that.

To answer your question, we haven't given any specific consideration to DX12 yet, we're just sort of targeting a generic PC at the moment. That said, we'll probably look into water effects and stuff sooner or later. We do want to add some extra fauna where we can, such as perhaps a couple fish here and there visible from the submarine, as well as bugs and stuff. I'll be honest with you here, though, I think huge swarms of fish and vicious pods of wahrks are a little unlikely. But you never know! :D

Re: DX 12

Posted: 21 Aug 2015, 19:08
by Dario
Why would they rely on dx12 stuff when theyre going to release it on mac and linux also