The Great Bridge of Riven

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Re: The Great Bridge of Riven

Post by Andross »

@tomysshadow just on the subject of the pipe, the pipe juts out into space about 3 metres off the ground and out of a shear cliff, so I don't think being able to get back into it will be much of a problem, you could probably do it by climbing up onto the rock above it and walking along the pipe if you were clever, but given that none of the rest of the game is going to rely on FPS jumping skills, I think most people will get the idea that that's not what is supposed to happen.
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Re: The Great Bridge of Riven

Post by Dario »

tomysshadow wrote:I know that this is a pretty old thread, but I wanted to give my suggestion for how the Great Bridge of Riven should work in realtime 3D by using other pre-rendered games as evidence.

The prerendered graphics with 360* view look interesting!

Thanks for sharing
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Re: The Great Bridge of Riven

Post by darkspine10 »

I look forward to seeing the bridge in the Realtime for the first time, and I hope that you can just walk across it.

One of my favourite things to do in Riven is look out from the bridge, to get views of the other islands.

It's a great natural vantage point, and unlike the Maglev rides, lets you savour the detail and take your time.
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Re: The Great Bridge of Riven

Post by JuniorGenius »

I wasn't sure if this warranted a new thread, but I was wondering what you're going to do about all the specific camera angles in Riven? For example, 4/5 of the creature noise ball things are positioned so that in one angle the ball is the eye of the creature's shape. Also the button to open the statue's mouth.
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