Mountains with caves

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Mountains with caves

Post by eon »

I was watching Mysterium 2017 and you said that you have for mountains real meshes with holes carved.
Could you tell me how how did you model it?
Is it possible to do that within the engine using landscape tool ?

Is there an image repository what object have yet to be done ?
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Re: Mountains with caves

Post by nick »

Hi eon,

The terrain you saw in the Mysterium video was created in Maya using its sculpting tools. This allowed us to do the complex concave shapes you see in the demo. Kelly was talking about our new efforts to recreate that terrain using Unreal's terrain system. We're doing this for a few reasons; in the end it'll look better and be way more optimised.

Unreal's terrain can't do concave shapes like caves, so that's where we would punch holes in the terrain and merge them with custom cave meshes. It's a combination of static meshes and terrain based on a height map.

We don't currently have a public repo of assets that need to be created, but if you're interested in helping out (even on just a few objects) send us an email at
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