Node-based Movement

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Node-based Movement

Post by 21moonflower »

I know that full-3D movement has been a primary aim of the project since its inception, however will node-based movement also be optionally available similar to realMYST: Masterpiece Edition? If so, will this be taken as far as rM:ME with the option to also switch between Starry Expanse stills and original Riven stills when using node-based movement in order to see the amount of progress made?
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Re: Node-based Movement

Post by nick »

Hi 21moonflower,

You will definitely be able to use node-based movement in realRiven. We plan for multiple modes of navigation, and one of them will be similar to rM:ME because that's what a lot of Myst fans are used to.

I think being able to switch between the original stills and the real-time version would be very cool. We've not developed this feature yet, but I hope we'll be able to.
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Re: Node-based Movement

Post by Aloys »

nick wrote:I think being able to switch between the original stills and the real-time version would be very cool.
That's an interesting idea. A before/after comparison mode.. And not really difficult to do either. You would have to shift the camera in the same position/rotation/fov as the original, so the user can switch between the real time scene and the orignal one at the push of a button.. But if you have nodes that are already in the exact same position as the originals, you're half way there. However aspect ratio will be different, so maybe have a 'black bars' solution to frame the image..

Anyhow that's a bit of developpment, but it would be interesting. If that's something you are interested to push further I'm sure you shouldn't have trouble finding an Unreal coder whilling to work on that.. Shouldn't be more than a couple afternoons of works to get the core features running. And then a bit more time to integrate the assets. (heck it might even be done in Blueprints with the proper code hooks)

Of course there's the legal issue of distributing those Cyan-owned files. Assuming you wouldn't do the whole game like that, just a few dozen key nodes, maybe Cyan might agree to authorize you to use some images for that. Of course doing the whole game like that would be awesome, but that would be a huge amount of work :lol: . And even among hardcore fans I'm not sure too many people would actually go through *every* node to check it out..
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Re: Node-based Movement

Post by Blood Raven »

In my opinion switching the real-time render with image stills would be a pretty useless feature that not many people would use. Comparisons can be made easily on the site with screenshots (and might be more interesting then switching them ingame instead of actually playing the game). Furthermore, it might impact the sales of the original game badly if you included the entire collection of stills, so people would have no reason to buy the original if the same content is available on SE (other than to support Cyan). I'd say, to each version its own, keep the original unique.
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