Maglev HRTF

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Maglev HRTF

Postby stuarta0 » 25 Feb 2018, 23:51

Hello people,

Assuming this hasn't already been discussed, I think it'd be great to have a "Headphones (HRTF)" audio option in the final game. If the 2D imagery is being converted to a 3D environment it's only fair the stereo audio gets a proper 3D spatialization treatment :)

To put money where my mouth is, I compiled unreal engine with the Google resonance audio sdk, built a stand-in environment, and rebuilt the maglev sound fx (without post processed effects or stereo panning like the original).

Put your headphones on and see what you think. My 2yo was looking over his shoulder to see where the maglev was coming from :)

P.S. ignore the gun. It comes with the default first person template.

Maglev audio created from clips on

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Re: Maglev HRTF

Postby nick » 03 Mar 2018, 02:21

This is really cool!

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