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More ray tracing

Posted: 28 Aug 2015, 11:33
by udqbpn
I'm just interested in whether it's possible that we could possibly get some kind of ray tracing in Riven. I was thinking for example that the game could just come with high resolution ray-traced images as an option, or even an add-on if the total files are huge. I just think about how the original had ray tracing, so it would be nice to have it in some form with this game. Or maybe you could set the "camera," then push a ray trace button and it take a ray-traced still "photo" of whatever you were looking at in the real-time engine? I don't know how feasible any of this is. Or to ask for more, how about a real time ray traced version of the game in 640X480 like the original, if full resolution is unfeasable? I did read will's response to my last question about raytracing feasibility, but I just thought I'd throw these ideas out there in case they made it any easier to see Riven closer to how it originally was.

Also I just wanted to make a somewhat unrelated comment. In one post, I saw that someone said they felt the water in Riven acts too much like gel. I thought it seemed like a gel also, but I thought that made sense to me. In Gehn's journal, he explains his hypothesis that the strange behavior of Rivenese water is due to some kind of microorganism that both holds the water together (by increasing surface tension he conjectures,) and that moves away from heat sources. So basically my impression was that these bacteria increase the surface tension of Rivenese water until it becomes like a gel, which I thought was actually kind of cool.

Basically, we already know that Rivenese water is weird in one way of being able to move around and make holes in the water and stuff, so it makes sense that it could also be weird in another way because of similar causes.