Answering your day/night cycle questions

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Re: Answering your day/night cycle questions

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nick wrote:I agree that Riven has a day and a night (although how long each of those lasts is anyone's guess!)
Maybe Riven's day/night cycle is like a year long and that's why we never see it in the game. XD

I can't see any reason why not to have moving clouds - in a realtime 3D environment it would make it that much more realistic - though I'm not sure I like the weather idea. If there is rain you not only have the same problem with the sunners not tanning in the sun again, but you have to make everything look wet - all the rocks, all the trees, have to be covered in water. That is probably much more effort than finding places to add light sources.

I'd definitely opt to keep the sky always the same in Tay or 233 however, since the sky is a huge part of the atmosphere in those ages (literally!) The overcast sky is such a signature look for Tay.

I can think of one way to solve the issues with the sunners, however. Just change their name to mooners! Ooo... trying to go from E for Everyone to E 10+ now are we? :lol: One could argue that the puzzle is already pretty realistic in the fact that the sunners don't come back immediately, so having them not being around at night should only be a logical extension of that, but I can see why that may not be a good experience for new players.
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Re: Answering your day/night cycle questions

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Could it be possible to add the Day/Night cycle as an optional feature, possibly as a reward for beating the game you could unlock a way to turn it on, or to change the time of day at will?
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